OP: Imperative Action

By Desert Rats Airsoft (other events)

Saturday, March 14 2015 5:00 PM 11:30 PM

OP: Imperative Action (Urgent Fury)

This will be a night game at Code Red Airsoft Park.  Based on the historical battle in Grenada in 1983.  Please read thuroughly, as we need everyone to be prepared for the game!  We will be areas that have not been played in by us before, in addition to the standard fields.


Rangers: Woodland or UCP ("ACU", BDU, Green MARPAT, DPM, etc.)
Marines: Desert (3-color DCU, Desert MARPAT, Desert DPM, etc.)
Grenadan: OD/Green SOLID BDU or OD/Civi Mix
Cuban: Solid Khaki/Tan or "Civlian" (NO Polo "operator"...)
Soviet Advisors: Russian (real) Camo or SOLID Black
Special Forces: Multi-Cam (OCP)/MTP Only! (SOLD OUT)

Sold Out: Marines, Cubans.

Gear:  While not required, we would like matching or atleast neutral.  This is not a deterent, just a request.  If you have green gear and desert pant/shirt, not a huge deal.  Just expect to be killed by friendlies.


Maximum LOADED Rounds:  400 LOADED (Unlimited in loaders/containers)
This will be a SEMI-AUTO ONLY event.  Close quarters in the dark.
Limit 1 SAW/LMG per squad (Only weapon with box mags, no ammo limit!  No M4!)
Limit 1 M204/Grenadier per squad. Max 3 reloads per respawn!
Thunderbee type or live action only for grenades.  No foam/rubber.  Max 2 per respawn!

THERE IS NO AT-DOOR GUARANTEE!  List of required will be posted week prior!


Player must follow all gear, clothing and weapons restrictions. Refunds are only granted on a person by person basis and are at our discretion. More at

Mailing Address

15000 7th St. Suite 202A Victorville, CA 92395